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  • Doctor Anthony Theiler : Sports medical doctor
    When presented with the product, I naturally went through all the research prior to consider consuming the capsules. While impressed, I remained skeptical. The results speak for themselves. The progression of my OsteoArthritis seems to have ceased and when this years flu started showing symptoms I upped my dosage with results presenting themselves within a couple of hours. The results have been so impressive that I will be joining the company to promote the healing benefits of this technology
  • Dough Stephan : Bio Sicence Pharma
    *Wow!! I love the IMMUNE supplement! Both my son and I were coming down with flu like symptoms. We ran into Spence and he suggested we try the product. Within a couple of hours we noticed a big shift. Not only were we over the flu symptoms dispersed by the time we woke up, our energy and vitality improved past what would be considered my normal settings. I went on to try the oxygen product and was equally impressed with how clean I felt. Both my son and I are excited about what Spence is bringing to market.
  • Edward Moore : Peak Outsourcing
    I have known Spence for many years and have always found his research ahead of the mainstream. While on a brief visit back to the United States I purchased both the oxygen cleanse and the IMMUNE product. Have to say they are both solid products with rapid results. I live in the South East Asia and although I am a very healthy person, my immune system is subjected to various pathogens. Whenever I am feeling something coming on I go straight to the products for a solution. Thus far it has worked wonders and stopped everything quickly. These products are like a bullet proof vest for sickness.
  • Katherine Ann Johnson : Interior designer / Rancho Santa Fe CA
    I began taking the IMMUNE product for general health and quickly noticed my cravings for sweets vanished. I asked my the owner (my son) why this would be occurring. He sent me a paper explaining how the product informs the bodies immune system to handle the parasites that are correlated with sugar cravings. I am excited to report that not only have my sugar cravings dissipated, this years terrible flu season has not had an effect on my health…
    I have been friends with Spence Spencer, owner of immune, for over 20 years. If you know Spence you know that he has always been on the cutting edge of the health and well-being sector. For that reason, I was excited to try out his new product IMMUNE. The only problem is that I had not been sick with a cold or the flu in almost 20 years. But, somehow the cold and flu bug of 2017/2018 was a whole different monster. As I tried my typical protocol to fight it off, I eventually succumbed. While being laid up for about a day and a half, I called Spence to inquire about IMMUNE. We met up and within a few hours I had already started to feel better and felt noticeable improvements the next morning. And by the second day I was almost back to normal. But what I really like most about this product is that it uses your own body’s immune system and has no secondary side effects. Had I been taking IMMUNE regularly, like I should have been, it is not possible that I would have even gotten sick in the first place. I recommend this stellar product to all my friends.
  • Hunter Stephens : Student
    My father and I were experiencing the flu symptoms and were able to try the IMMUNE product. We both noticed within a couple of hours how quickly the product works. Best of all no side effects
  • Sek Huey Wong : SAP consulting
    Sek Huey Wong I live with Spence and have been able to see many great stories of people happy with the IMMUNE product. I have personally taken it for the current flu that is going around, as well as on several other occasions. I travel for work and therefore I am exposed to various organisms on a consistent basis. So far it has been a quick reliable recovery every time…. Now I take it on a daily basis because I love how my skin seems to look while taking the product and it appears to keep me from getting sick…
  • Andrew Bracahovich : Scottsdale Grand Prix, In -ground Trampolines "
    I tried the IMMUNE product with my 13 year old golden lab Maverick. He was tired run down from a good life and I wanted to see what the product would do in an animal that is not susceptible to the placebo effect. Maverick started following me around the house again. I am excited he has returned to his puppy like energy. On a personal level I have used the IMMUNE product for flu and cold symptoms with quick reliable results. It is a product I take daily for improved energy and pulse with larger doses when I am feeling symptoms coming on. Great Product
  • Tommie Moore : Real Estate Investments
    One of my two poodles began showing signs of blood sugar handling issues as he is aging into his 12th year. I gave him the IMMUNE product and made some adjustments to her diet. It was almost an immediate effect with no accidents in the home or signs of disease (sticky urine). While I might still have to implement a traditional approach of insulin in the future, I am excited to be able to put it off for the time being.
  • Matt Milinovich : Founding partner, Strategic Retail Group "
    I had been fighting the effects of this years flu for over a week. My energy was drained and do not have time to be down. I have the responsibilities of both a company and a family to care for. I ordered the IMMUNE and Oxygen Cleanse product online, curious to see how effective a supplement would be. The results were rapid with the symptoms clearing up with a quick return to energy. The timely results made me a believer.
  • Yolanda Arvizu : ENTREPRENEUR
    One of the Physicians I work for suggested I try the IMMUNE and Oxygen Cleanse product for my sinus allergies that were causing serious migraines. The product combination has made a big difference with a significant drop in both allergy symptoms and headaches. When this years flu started to effect others around me I noticed I was able to fend off the symptoms without any down time. I am also enjoying the energy increase I notice from the product. I now suggest the product to friends and family.
  • Jerry Pence : Private Equity
    I have been friends with Spence and interested in his projects for several years. I can attest to the results I have seen with both the Oxygen Cleanse as well as the IMMUNE technology. Both products have become a part of my health protocol with benefits ranging from improve energy to a faster recovery from exercise to dealing with everyday stress. Just recently the family was dealing with this years devastating flu that is going around. I shared the products with the family and we all noticed fast results with a quick recovery allowing us to get back into our normal routine
  • Liz Rutkowski
    Im a big fan of the Oxygen Cleanse product. It has been a big help with keeping my stomach flat and an overall good feeling of good GI health. When the flu kicked in this year I was dealing with both my own health as well as the health of my kids. We decided to give the IMMUNE a try… We were all impressed with the speed at which our bodies were able to handle the symptoms and excited the product has no side effects…. My niece who is studying nutrition is excited to learn more about the cell fragment technology and we are all waiting to see what products they come out with next… 👍🏻
  • Matthew Ross Johnson : DISSERTATION London School of Economics
    I recommend Immune to everyone - friends, family, work colleagues, and even the cashier at my local grocery store. Taking Immune is a staple of my daily routine. The benefits are tangible - whether you’re the only without a cough during flu season or feel more energy on that last rep at the gym. Immune provides my body with a stable foundation of health for me to put in the work and succeed.
  • Lynee Palacios Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) at Healthy Self Keto RDN Founder at Healthy Self Kitchen
    I met with Spence to learn about the new technology he is bringing to market. It just so happens that at the time I was introduced to the IMMUNE product my business partner was fighting this years flu. Spence mentioned how quick and efficient the capsules were working on this years strains. Both my business partner and I were skeptical at first and then impressed with how quickly my business partner recovered. Within 24 hours the virus was under control with a solid return of energy.
  • Quinn Goldsberry Owner Goodwood Tavern, Brand Ambassador Sunday Goods "
    I had been suffering from this years flu when a buddy told me to get ahold of the IMMUNE product. Within 12 hours I noticed a big shift from the debilitation flu symptoms translating over to a better stronger state. Within 24hours the majority of symptoms had dissipated. Impressed with the Technology.
  • Robert Van Arlen Owner @ Robert Van Arien Global
    Immune is an amazing product. What I noticed immediately is more energy and faster recover. I travel a lot and for the first time I did not catch the flu during the season. I highly recommend.
  • Nida Kazmi, PMP"
    "I first took this product because in the last several years, I have developed allergy symptoms as well as experienced frequent episodes of becoming unwell from travel which can cause havoc on my commitments. Allergy and cold symptoms drain my energy, take away my fun from all my activities and mess up my digestion. Not being a fan of over medicating, I was fast running out of effective, natural options to help myself I took two capsules of IQ 360's IMMUNE at the first sign of feeling allergy symptoms and within the hour I felt immensely better. Now, I take one capsule a day when traveling, and 2 weeks in advance of traveling to more remote countries and daily while on travel. I have been perfectly healthy and happy since with 0 episodes of being sick/unwell."
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