Our Story



Decades of research by renowned European scientists:

The development of IMMUNE QUOTIENT™ technology involves a rich history, spanning development from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.  In the early 1960s, a scientific team led by Bulgarian medical doctor and microbiologist Ivan Bogdanov (MD, PhD) researched a variety of lactobacillus strains believing the immune system could eliminate cancer. Dr. Bogdanov et al. were successful in Moscow and eliminated a sarcoma in laboratory animals using a mixture of lactobacillus cell fragments. His work is the first documented research showing the positive impact of probiotic lactobacillus cell fragments on the immune system. This discovery led to the biological research of lactobacillus cell wall fragments which are produced by lysing, or breaking, the lactobacillus cell.


Research on lactobacillus strains continued as a primary interest of study in Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine. On April 2nd, 1979, a Soviet Union biological warfare research laboratory accidentally released anthrax from a biological weapons complex near the city of Sverdlovsk. The Soviet military asked the government to provide protection against biological warfare agents such as plague, smallpox, anthrax, etc. At their request, a special research institute conducted research to identify an effective product, and the result was a lactobacillus cell wall fragment made from a special strain. This product was the grandfather of what would come to be IMMUNE™.


IMMUNE™ technology: Born in Russia, perfected in America


    In 1999, an  American was introduced to the lactobacillus cell wall product by one of his trusted business associates who had gained the commercial rights. . During this time, he made multiple trips to St. Petersburg to acquire the lactobacillus cell fragment powder, and then had the product capsulated in California upon his return to the United States. Next, in 2003 they negotiated the rights to manufacture the lactobacillus wall fragments in the United States. Using the lactobacillus strain from St. Petersburg, they were successful at improving the original product, substantially improving the product’s potency and quality control. This American remains the unsung hero, dedicating his life to bringing this advancement in technology to market. Without his hard work, this technology would not be commercially available here in the United States. 


    We are expanding our product line with scientific advancements developed and researched by Dr. Liubov N. Shynkarenko. She is a world renowned scientist and we look forward in our quest to go global. Increasing our footprint internationally to support the immune system and ease a variety of conditions, including the common cold, cancer, sinusitis and more around the world.  

We believe in bringing the best technology to market.